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Transform your thoughts into words!
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Just an observer trying to watch, deduce, discover and dig the positivity in life and people. A huge believer of love!
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A humble servant of the Supreme Almighty, trying to understand the world and try to live during the journey of this life as contented as possible.
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I found hope in reading, and that’s what I plan to give people with my words.
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Just a person who used to be curious about the world and the people in it. In other words, one among the 7.7 billion people out there. Nowadays, just trying to stay sane after everything that happened in life..Nothing good to mention though. Mostly writing irrelevant contents which might be seemingly useful for others 🙂
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I write non fiction, social media content, short stories and poetry.
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I identify as female. I read and words become emotions, stories become feelings and faith becomes magic. So I guess you can call me a witch in training. What stories can I tell you today?
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Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder
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Officer in State Bank of India. From Kangazha, Kottayam.
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Still growing up and finding my purpose. Until then, I will keep writing until my mind run out of words.
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Hello! I am a firefighter who loves dancing and writing. I am not a professional writer of any sort. I just love writing as it is very therapeutical and I need something to channel my thoughts and emotions before the grenade inside my head explodes. I write, haikus, micropoems, rhyming poems and prose. Or just about anything. I also write feature articles on the official publication of the local firefighters.
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Just a teenager who loves to play with words
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Hareeba, is a 20 year old from Pakistan who’s currently pursuing Engineering. She has found her passion in poetry and writes what she experiences. It’s basically her world in the form of words. Someday, she wishes to publish a book that can inspire people around the world.
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A Catharsis; A window to the other side.....
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Sweedle D’Souza jokes that she is a late bloomer and she has no regrets about it. An HR assistant receptionist during the day, she juggles her busy schedule by squeezing in a few minutes for creative writing, be it even a sentence a day.
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Wanderer , core to travelling and cherishing life to the fullest
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My name is Lori and I write historical romance. My debut novel, The Devil's Maverick, is slated to come out in April of 2020.
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A student of psychology.
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In love with words ,art and psychology
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Lifelong Learner, Educator, Reader, Writer, Researcher, Bullet journalist.
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I live, work, and study in South Carolina with a wife, a cat, and a lizard (Emma, Phoebe, and Orlando, respectively). As a saved sinner, a citizen of a heavenly city that’s beginning to shine through the cracks in this present chrysalis, I can’t help but love the beauty that embraces me on all sides and lays its hand over me. No matter what I’m doing, I’m studying the world and taking notes for the next one.
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Cautiously Optimistic. Trying to make it through one day at a time.