Always- Sovern

A very thoughtful piece of work, ‘Always’ by Sovern, was released in August 2020. The perfect timing- when everyone is caught up with worries in their lives and the challenges around the pandemic, makes this song hit well with music lovers. We all have coping mechanisms to deal with problems, some discuss to ease themselves,…

Cry- Gryffin and John Martin

‘Cry’ is a song by American musician, Daniel Griffith, known by his stage name- Gryffin, and John Martin- a popular Swedish singer and songwriter. The duo co-wrote the song with Michel Zitron and Gary Baker. This single, premiered in July 2020, features John Martin in the vocals and its video, with Gryffin playing the guitar….

Speak Loud- TRILLS

‘Speak Loud’ is a song by TRILLS. Written by Paolo Ricordo, Marco Laschi, and Emiliano Mariotti, the song was released in May 2018. TRILLS is a London based all-girl band comprising four members. Their music has featured on various trailers, film and TV shows including Orange is the New Black, The Morning Show, and more….

We Don’t Talk Anymore- Charlie Puth

“We Don’t Talk Anymore” is a song produced by American singer- Charlie Otto Puth, featuring Selena Marie Gomez. This song, written by Charlie, Selena and Jacob Kasher, made it to the top charts soon after its release in May 2016. Puth put words together and had the guitar lined up for this song in Tokyo-…