Malang- Unleash the Madness

‘Malang’ is the title track of Mohit Suri’s film, ‘Malang- Unleash the Madness’, a romantic action (revenge) thriller, that was released in February 2020. The song was written by Kunaal Vermaa and Harsh Limbachiya, composed and sung by Ved Sharma, programmed and arranged by DJ Phukan & Akull who beautifully gave it an EDM texture….

Drift and Fall Again- Madsonik

‘Drift and Fall Again’, written by Madsonik for the final scene of the thriller film ‘Criminal’, was released in April 2016. The song features evocative vocals by Yael Shoshana Cohen- the singer of Israeli indie duo, Lola Marsh. Madsonik (an alias for Brian Theodore Tyler), is America’s successful film composer, songwriter, musician, arranger, and producer….

Say You Won’t Let Go- James Arthur

‘Say You Won’t Let Go’ by James Andrew Arthur was co-written by Steven Solomon and Neil Richard Ormandy. The song was released on September 9, 2016. Arthur wrote the song taking some inspiration from his personal life and some from the imagination of peoples’ lives, their relationships, and their journeys with their partners. Arthur sings…


‘Promise’ is an emotional musical expression. Written and sung by the English singer, songwriter, musician, and composer- Benjamin John Howard, this melody was released in 2011. This whole song is structured to suggest a definitive separation- a long one, so we see Howard appealing to his interest to wait for him in a subtle, low-pitched…

Music and Life

Becoming more aware of the music in your life and monitoring it’s effects on your well being may be the most enjoyable prescription for good mental and physical health. You can find out where it’s healing powers rest and carry yourself to the height of tranquil ecstasy. Music creates order out of chaos; for rhythm…