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| What is Wordket?

Wordket is a traditional blogging platform which is free to use and edit. Wordket aims at building a community of readers and writers across the globe.

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| Who writes on Wordket?

Wordket is written and edited by writers from around the world. If you wish to express your writing skills, you can start by selecting the topic of your choice from our pre-created categories.

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| What all topics can I select for creating a blog?

You can select among 24 pre-created categories to begin your blogging adventure.

| Are my articles reviewed before posting?

All the articles posted in Wordket will be verified before posting. Any article which does not comply with our privacy terms will be duly send back to the user for correction. Once the required changes are incorporated, the articles will be posted on the website.

| Can I earn income by posting articles on Wordket?

Wordket is committed in returning value to the writers who has contributed for the growth of community. The payback methodology on basis of revenue generated is being worked up on and the same will be communicated to users once finalized.

| Why do I see commercial ads on Wordket?

Wordket generates advertisement revenue via commercial partners or affiliate links, and some space in the website is utilized for the same.

| Can I share my articles on social media through Wordket?

Yes, you can share your articles published on Wordket to any social media of your choice.

| Can I post pictures along with my article?

You can post one picture per article as more emphasis will be given on projecting your article. However, if required, additional provisions will definitely be provided to make your article more attractive.

| Is there any option to create writing category of my choice other than the pre-created categories?

If you intend to write on a subject which is not included in the pre-created categories, you can write to us at Our back end team will initially check on the feasibility of creating a new category or will add your article to the most suited pre-created category.

| How many articles can I post through my account?

There are no limits on the number of articles one can post on Wordket, but the articles are subject to proof reading before posting.

| Will I be communicated if my article is not selected for posting?

Yes, Wordket support team will revert to you on any findings pertaining to your article and you can subsequently make amendments for making it suitable for publishing.

| Can I view the likes, number of views and comments of my article?

Below each article, the user will be able to see the total likes, number of views and comments. You can also respond to the comments as well.

| Can I edit an article which is already posted by me?

You cannot edit the articles you have once posted yourself, but you can request the support team to incorporate the edits and the same will be catered for.

| Whom should I contact in case of any discrepancies?

You can drop in a mail to on any issues or queries pertaining to your association with Wordket.





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