The Jackfruit Chronicles

We spent our summer holidays surrounded by an abundance of fruits like mangoes and jackfruits. My sister once posted on Instagram about how mangoes were an important part of our childhood summers. She left out the bit about jackfruits. There were times when mango trees did not yield, which was never the case with jackfruits….

Women in the Workplace

It is not every day that one deals with casual sexism at work unless one is a woman. Just the other day, I had a senior physician question my career choices. He asked me why I was on a job that requires extensive travel when I am a woman, who obviously has family and responsibilities….

Screening…An important public health tool

On routine health check-up of Mr X, the doctor suggested to undergo screening for Diabetes. Mr. X was baffled; in all of his 35 years of existence, he had been perfectly healthy. He did not understand what screening was and why he should be screened. He asked the doctor to explain, regarding the need for…