Which is, I suppose, the trend we are following, even if we follow it unconsciously. For the turning of the matter in our favour, we have fortunately some notable examples. Our race has produced one perfectly normal man to whom all of us sub-normals can look as the type of what we are one day to become.

I think it is a pity, that so much of our thought of Him makes Him an exception to human possibilities. In speaking of Him as the Son of God, we fancy Him as being in another category from ourselves. We forget that we, too, are sons of God—”heirs of God and coheirs with Christ.” It is true that He realised that Sonship to a degree which we do not; but it is also true that we ourselves realise it to some degree. In the detail of the mastery of matter to which we shall attain it is fair, I think, to take Him as our standard.

Taking Him as our standard we shall work out, I venture to think, to the following points of progress.

  1. The control of matter in furnishing ourselves with food and drink, by means more direct than at present employed, as He turned water into wine and fed the multitudes with the loaves and fishes.
  2. The control of matter by putting away from ourselves, by methods more sure and less roundabout than those of to-day, sickness, blindness, infirmity, and deformity.
  3. The control of matter by regulating our atmospheric conditions as He stilled the tempest.
  4. The control of matter by restoring to this phase of existence those who have passed out of it before their time, or who can ill be spared from it, as He “raised” three young people from “the dead” and Peter and Paul followed His example.
  5. The control of matter in putting it off and on at will, as He in His death and resurrection.
  6. The control of matter in passing altogether out of it, as He in what we call His Ascension into Heaven.


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