To me personally, it was no small help in overcoming fear when I saw the purpose of existence as expressed in a single word, Growth. That, at least, is a legitimate inference to draw from the history of life on this planet. Assuming that the universe contains an intelligible design of any sort and that life on this planet is part of it, a vast development going on eternally toward a complete understanding of infinite rights and happiness would give us some explanation of the mystery of our being here.

Beginning, for reasons at which we can only guess, far away from that understanding, we are forever approaching it, with forever the joy of something new to master or to learn. New perceptions, new comprehensions, new insights gained, new victories, even little victories, won, constitute, I think, our treasures laid up in that heaven where neither moth nor wear-and-tear destroys, and where thieves do not break in and steal. Where this treasure is, there, naturally enough, our hearts will be also.

Looking back over the ages since the life-principle first glided into our planet waters— how it did so is as yet part of our unsolved mystery—what we chiefly see is a great surging of the living thing upward and upward toward that Highest Universal to which we give the name of God.


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