Back in July 2019, a whole bunch of you started this journey along with us without even knowing anything about it. Over the last few years, we have seen this community engage and grow progressively. You have literally helped us take off! But one thing missing has been a true way to celebrate our members. And we firmly believe, it’s important to recognize the meaningful contributions of all the members who help us to transform this little community into a vibrant and dynamic one.

For our super enthusiasts, Introducing Badges — our brand new feature for members who make this community a lively and engaging place. Starting today, we’re offering infinite opportunities for members to earn badges — Everything that you do on this platform will count towards earning a badge and it will be displayed on the profile of each member.

On the badge page, you’ll be able to find the existing badges and learn about the criteria to earn them. Tremendous opportunity awaits to qualify for adsquare revenue earning as well via badges. It’s just the beginning and there is more to come. We hope you’ll start earning badges now!

And if you haven’t joined in yet, Sign Up now!

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