Validating Conflicting Traits As Your Own Mediator

Sometimes my internal chatter can seem rather heated.

I’m so glad I was a mediator since the sixth grade in school. I never knew I’d need those skills so intimately. I was just trying to look good, and it stuck. Sometimes things work out.

Well, it’s not exactly the same thing. Like at all, really. The meetings aren’t about bullies in the school hallway and eighth grade misunderstandings. Now the ‘meetings’ are more about Divinity, and deep sorrow- and combining the two. Often, anyway, although sometimes the agenda is focused on something else.

Still, I did get to practice the act of mediation. I got to play with that energy, I suppose. I learned how to do it, even if the process has changed.

I still have to listen to all sides. Preferably with patience, if not empathetic understanding. There is sometimes a conflict, but that’s usually with me. Um, never mind. I have no idea how to word that. As I’ve mentioned, conflict between my parts is rare. (There are caveats, but I’m gonna keep on topic.)

Either way, I might get snappy with my parts, at times. That’s just another way of saying that I can get irritated with myself sometimes. But my (core) parts barely argue with one another.

Beliefs and Opinions, and Objectivity

There’s this school of thought which suggests you shouldn’t have beliefs. Which, I see the irony. That’s a belief, is it not?

Still, I find a lot of validity to it. (Irony is the gods’ favorite trope, it seems.) I mean, I totally have beliefs, opinions, and such. Of course. But not as much as before.

Beliefs are just a certain form of opinion. And opinions are just some take on something.

It’s not having opinions or beliefs that can be so problematic. It’s holding on to them with fierce, misguided conviction. Basically, it’s devoting yourself to brainwashing, if we’re gonna get to the nitty-gritty.

Essentially, opinions bound you to cheap rhetoric that would likely fall apart as with minimal objective scrutiny. So, basically, an unwavering stance may not be so admirable, after all. Sometimes it’s just programming. (That’s why questions are important.)


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