Much of what I have written will seem inconsistent with the fact that in the world as it is there are undeniable and inevitable hardships. True! I do not escape them more than any other man, the relative relief from fear saves me from only some of them.

I have not meant to say that even with one’s refuge in God, there is nothing left to struggle with. My point is that whatever there may be to struggle with, there is nothing to be afraid of. Freedom from struggle would profit us not at all. On the contrary, it would render us nerveless, flabby, flaccid, and inert.

But fear, as a rule, being connected with our struggles, it is important, I think, to be as clear as we can.. concerning the purport of those struggles, and their source. We have already seen that fear is diminished in proportion, as we understand that our trials are not motiveless, and perhaps this is the point at which to consider briefly what the motives are.


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