One Aspect Does Not Negate the Other

As far as we can tell, it’s “normal” to assume that one facet is invalidated because there’s another talking point to explore. We assume one aspect negates another. It doesn’t have to be like that. In fact, it’s not. Not really. We can just sometimes think it is, for whatever reason. We, as a society, kinda make it that way. (The good news is that we can make some much-needed adjustments in our communication with one another.)

The thing is, the truth doesn’t change just because some other characteristic is also factual. Point A is still true if points B, C, and F are also valid. Spiders don’t cease to exist just because snakes are also present on Earth. You know?

Things that seem quite oppositional coexist all the time. Sure, there is conflict sometimes. But not always. Sometimes there is harmony because each individual aspect is free to openly be, as long as there is mutual respect. There are no power dynamics here. There doesn’t need to be. (As far as seeing from multiple points of view goes.)

That’s because Life itself needs all its contrast. More often than not, actually, one thing cannot exist without its apparent opposite.

Difficulties With A Shared Perspective (With Multiple Parts)

As you might imagine, having a worldview that is made up of several parts (including your conditioning, once in a while) is sometimes a chaotic mess. It’s not easy.

First off, my ego has a hard time with it. Let’s just say she freaks out a lot. She gets scared, and angry, and stuff. Which is not all that fun. Like at all. (Until it is, maybe.)

On top of that, it’s a headache. Literally.. Sometimes, It depends how loud it gets, I guess. But no, it also depends on how I respond, too.

Sometimes these parts of mine drive me insane. They give me memories that I have to take back. And they explain things in at least four different ways, until it penetrates past the gatekeeper brain part, or whatever. I don’t know the actual mechanics.

The point is, it can get incredibly overwhelming and exhausting very easily. Shared perspectives can also be painfully confusing at times for me too- as the one who is kinda in the center of it all. It’s like standing in the middle of a cyclone sometimes. My complex, intertwined point of view can get demanding and pretty intense.

But I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s demanding, but there’s always more to explore….


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