The Blessing, The Curse, and The Demanding Harmony

Humans take their own viewpoints seriously. In fact, some folks kill and/or die in order to perpetuate their beliefs. But I don’t see the appeal. See, I am blessed with a shared perspective. In short, my point of view comes from multiple angles. My outlook is layered. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

One’s perspective is a big deal, no matter how complex it might become.

Here’s the thing, though. Beliefs are basically a component of one’s mindset. The problem is that beliefs can have a profoundly limiting nature, especially when you hold on to them tightly.

On top of that, people’s outlook on life tends to be quite narrow-minded. Every once in a while, someone tries their damnedest to lecture me into submission. You know, trying to wave their opinion around as if it’s an absolute fact, and getting irate when I don’t stop having my own perspective.

I don’t get it. I get their point, but it’s often rather insignificant. There’s just a gazillion other aspects that play a role. And fixating on one thing fails to increase its importance. In fact, it kinda distorts everything.

In many cases, one’s views aren’t really based on a whole lot. Sometimes, people have tunnel-vision. In which case, it’s impossible to comprehend much on any meaningful level. Mostly because of how much actuality is missing in order to cater to some insecurities, or brainwashing, or whatever. (Been there, done all of that.)

Glad my multi-level frame of reference reveals dangers like that. (Especially when I listen.)
Here is what I can reveal about my -uh- I mean our layered perspective. To be clear, this isn’t so much about multiplicity, as it is exploring our(my) shared point of view together, as one.

Many Things Are True Simultaneously

Perspectives are just a culmination of aspects that come together. More often than not, (probably) there will be opposing elements.

Nothing would survive if one trait was the only valid one. Everything would die. (Including you.) All of Life would perish from the impossible selfishness of that one characteristic. (Is that what you want?)

Similarly, nothing would thrive if every characteristic in Life was forced to conform into a single trait. There would be no food without water and sun, after all.

On another note, conformity doesn’t usually lead to growth and expansion. It frequently leads to death, of sorts. Sometimes, literally. Sometimes it feasts on your soul as you wither away first. Maybe one reason for that is how restrictive conformity gets. It’s like being squeezed into a tiny, worn out box that you clearly don’t fit in.

To reiterate, there is always an incomprehensible number of aspects at play, in your life, in all of society. Even within your awareness. Each serves a specific purpose.

It’s painful to have your purpose beaten out of you so you can pretend to be something else, right? Something tells me that’s likely true for, like, everything. Including your emotions, outlooks, and whatnot.

Actuality tends to be rather paradoxical, maybe because it is made by a zillion smaller points. Kinda like the countless points sewn together into a single sweater. Actually, yea. There are a lot of polar things happening in a sweater, if you think about it. Hmmm. Anyway…

What is (truly) honest is real. You know?


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