An old friend of mine called me and asked “Hey, how’s life?”

Sounds like a common question, right? But out of those amongst us who moved out of school for higher studies, or for jobs in other cities, only some would be social or even care to catch up. Even a “hi” from an old friend has the potential to bring a broad smile on our faces.

After we spoke for sometime and hung up the phone, I got dunked in a pleasant yet bright smile. Yes, I am grateful for that tiniest moment in my life.

A thought then whistled in my mind. Why not make this feeling contagious and kickstart the engine of a happiness train. I called a few of my old buddies and checked in on them. My ears could sense their smile (lol, just found this expression cute).

I am still unaware of its current location or the distance it travelled. Be it a short or a long journey, I am sure it’s destination is gratitude.

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