A lot is said about silence – in deeper conversations, therapy, poetry or in quotes. We all choose silence, depending on our moods, energy, situations, conversations, the people we are with, times we are in, or out of fear, or as a coping mechanism, or even to recharge ourselves or breathe easy.

Sometimes we stay silent out of respect for age or position, sometimes to save ourselves from an argument, sometimes we have no time or the energy to explain, sometimes to guard our peace of mind.

Silence is powerful, it’s an art, a tool. Always better than a forced conversation, an unspoken language that works like magic when with the right company. And above all it improves well-being, keeps you at peace and protected from unnecessary issues that could crop up in likely conversations.

Try to talk less and I can say with confidence that you won’t lose anything. This is something I have drawn from my own experiences. And this, to an extent, has shaped me into a different person.

Having said that one should be able to use silence at the right time. Cause silence can mean different things at different times, and in different situations. Sometimes it helps evade uncomfortable situations, sometimes silence itself can be the cause or an encouragement for the wrongs. Sometimes it can be used against us.

This quote by DA VINCI..

“Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence”

says everything.

So it is up to us, to choose what works for us in what situations. We, sure, do not have to suppress ourselves, also not regret our silence – why we didn’t take a stand or raise our voice when we could. So think about it mindfully, introspect and make the change if you wish.

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