I feel let down. And this is not the first in recent times. Or maybe this also is a side effect of mid-life crisis. I find myself wondering, trying to gauge situations.

The hurt, the pain, the lessons. Why let downs are so hurtful is because they come from your very own people. You give selflessly- your love, your time, your energy and somehow it is either not taken in the right spirit, or judged over and over.

When I try to rationalize by stepping in their perspectives, and reason with myself, it hurts a little less. Having said that, it is still a let down. And then I try to see how I can correct things…for my own well-being. I have to guard myself at all times, cause no matter what others do, I cannot let myself down now.

So either I moderate my impulses and responses every time I feel I am hurt by them, or I choose to distance myself from those triggering situations or people. I am giving myself choices- either of which may not be easy to implement- yet I want to make it better to guard my sanity more than anything else.

In all these years, from my experiences I have understood that you will have as many let downs as the number of people in your life. And each one could let you down more than once. So do the math. Be prepared, better equip yourself, watch your back. After all you are all you have!

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