There are times in life when we feel frustrated, finding it hard to cope. We lose control over our emotions that feel like a fire, making us angry over the smallest issues.

Being unable to find solutions to our problems, we feel helpless in situations. And all of these frustrations come in the way of achieving our dreams, goals, and wishes. We lose confidence in ourselves, and we sulk in self-blame.

It is like a slippery slope that affects our mental health and ruins our enthusiasm too. We feel low about everything, raising questions even about our future. We feel overwhelmed, emotional and uneasy wondering how we should handle those things and life in general.

Self doubt, worry and a constant feeling of incapability makes every challenge seem tougher than it actually is. And as much as we don’t like being pessimistic, we lose grip over ourselves.

How many of you can relate to this?

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  1. Very well written. One should never feel frustrated in life. Life has many opportunities for everyone. One should have self confidence. One should have faith in God, in oneself. One should keep on doing good things honestly and writing earnestly! God bless you Richa! Keep on writing. Save all your writings in a laptop. When there will be a good number of collection, we will publish your articles in the form of a book. All the best 👍

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