“Read books. Read more books. Get inspired. Wake up early. Put on a warm jacket. Watch the sunrise. Do that twice a week. Three times a week. And so on. Add a morning walk to that. Then a jog. Then a run. Stop at a coffee shop. Have breakfast. Go back home. Have a shower. Plan your day in your head. Go through with your plan. Meet people. Young or old, it doesn’t matter. Just meet people. Share your story. Listen to theirs. Really listen. Many people pour a bucket of magic words out of their mouth, if you’re all ears. Help people. Again, young or old. If someone stops you in the shopping centre promoting their business or item, listen. Consider. Even if you don’t end up purchasing anything later. Accept flyers from workers that stand on the side of the footpath handing them out. Even if you aren’t interested. Appreciate the natural environment. Sit by the water and just watch. Clear your mind. Meditate. Happiness is around the corner.”


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