This poetry book is divided into seven parts, telling the remarkable story of Night and Luna, through their initial courtship, budding romance, relationship struggles, and overcoming the distance that separates them. True life characters based on the author and his Filipina wife.

She: A Love Story Told In Verse by Alexander Bentley and Kerry Wade is a refreshingly different verse novel about a Poet and his Muse, with a powerful message: True love knows no distance.

About the Author
Alexander Bentley is a wordsmith, inkslinger and a poet. He started posting his poems online in 2014. Since that time, Alexander has published 4 books, including The Raven Redux & Other Poems, Eversleep: The Beauty of Dark Silence, and A Poet’s Manifesto. Alexander’s body of work touches most commonly on themes of death and loss, depression and heartbreak, life and hope, but most importantly: love.

Kerry Wade is an editor and creative writer extraordinaire with a love for poetry. A published writer and professionally trained editor who has worked in publishing and as a librarian.

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