Remember, being a kid felt so free- playing and dancing away, being pampered, most of our needs being attended well in time by our parents or caretakers.

In our younger days, we live a life without any fears or worries. Life seems like a fairy tale. Growing up changes everything. Society feeds us duties associated with roles. Everything we do, we do for others, or to build a secure, comfortable future. The present is ignored, so is self.

Left with lesser time to pursue our interests, or to even attend to some of our personal needs, we start to leave bits of ourselves until we leave ourselves fully, far behind to lead robotic lives. The focus shifts from carrying our weight to carrying the weight of the whole world, as if we are obliged. Life has less life in it. In such scenarios, it feels like responsibilities kill individualities.

I sincerely wish, we do not leave examples of such monotonous lives for the following generations. Wish we reform our mindsets and lifestyle in our own interests and also to plan a more balanced life for our younger ones, allow them to make mistakes and learn from them, mature in time with their own experiences rather than feeding them with the outcomes of our experiences. After all, we are not going to be with them always. Allow them their independence and freedom much earlier. Free them from all of it that held us down, make their lives what they want it to be, let them learn that their life is their own responsibility. Allow them to be happier and let them enjoy their peace.

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