I should not lay so much emphasis on this, if so much emphasis were not laid on it in the other direction. God has so persistently, and for so many generations, been held up to us as a God who tries and torments and punishes that we can hardly see Him as anything else. Torture comes, in the minds of many of us, to be not only His main function but His only function. “I am all right,” is the unspoken thought in many a heart, “so long as I am not overtaken by the Will of God. When that calamity falls on me, my poor little human happiness will be wrecked like a skiff in a cyclone.” This is not an exaggeration. It is the secret mental attitude of perhaps ninety percent of those Caucasians who believe in a God of any kind. Their root-conviction is that.. if God would only let them alone, they would get along well enough; but as a terrible avenging spirit, like the Fury or the Nemesis of the ancients, he is always tracking them down. The aversion from God so noticeable in the mind of today is, I venture to think, chiefly inspired by the instinct to get away from, or to hide from, the pursuit of this Avenger.


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