There’s a lot in my head; I am trying to figure…or maybe I shouldn’t, ’cause it’s all so cramped up, like some tightly fixed pieces of a jigsaw puzzle; wanting to move one would shake all of these pieces.

And what if what’s meant to relieve me rather complicates it in my head even more? As much as I want to sort this mess, I want to stay away from giving any thought to it. I am exhausted- applying positivity to everything- trying to find the best way, or the right thing to do, or to always do good, or to do my best to not hurt the other, or to reach out and help, or to own others challenges. While all of that fulfills me, it is now also depleting my energy.
So today I stand where I stand – compromised and a little less motivated.
Tell me, is it all worth it?

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  1. It is the most worth it when one can endure immense suffering, grappling into almost unendurable inner turmoil, only to lift oneself out of the living hell to create heaven on earth.

    Not until one has hit rock bottom, can one conjure up the tremendous motivation to end the misery & take a chance to change everything one held dear.

    DM me for guidance about spiritual mastery & the embracing of transformation to release the suppressed emotional wounds that keep one down.

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