I see no way out of all this except as one of us after another reaches Metanoia, the new point of view as regards God. Other ways have been sought, and have been found no more than blind alleys. Much reference is made nowadays to the disillusionment of those who hoped that the war would lead to social and spiritual renovation; but any such hope was doomed in advance, so long as the Caucasian concept of God was unchanged. When you cannot trust God, you cannot trust anything; and when you cannot trust anything, you get the condition of the world as it is to-day. And that you cannot trust a God whose “love” will paralyze the hand by which you have to earn a living, or snatch your baby from your breast—to say nothing of a thousand ingenious forms of torture inflicted just because, “He sees that it is best for you,” after having led you to see otherwise—that you cannot trust a God like that must be more or less self-evident. If you are part of His Self-Expression, He cannot practice futilities through your experience and personality. He must be kind with a common-sense kindness, and loving with a common-sense love. Whatever explanation of our sufferings and failures there may be, we must not shuffle them off on God. “Let us hold God to be true,” St. Paul writes, “though every man should prove false.”; Let us hold that God would not hurt us, however much we may willfully hurt each other or ourselves.


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