Why do we end our stories?

Cause death
forgives your greatest sins,
returns your lost dignity,
realizes your unnoticed virtue.

Death completes
what remained incomplete

You are reborn in the minds
the way you wished to be

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  1. The modern death worship cults (Christianity, Judaism & Islam in the West & Buddhism in the East) consider life as misery & suffering, but death to be the way to bliss.

    These have been used as the opium of the masses to brainwash the collective towards self sacrifice & submission to an exploitative system of tyrannical slavery.

    Now that we have begun to awaken from the confusion of socialization & indoctrination into ignorance with the Grand Rising of the esoteric mystical paths, we are able to cultivate inner peace by surrendering the inner turmoil that results from the mind trap of egoism (the delusion of separation).

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