The second point was this: those with whom I had misunderstandings were equally His agents. They might not be more aware of the fact than I; but this in no way disqualified them as His trusted subordinates given a free hand. Their work with me and mine with them, whatever its nature, wrought one of the infinite numbers of blends going to make up the vast complexity of His design.

It was, therefore, out of the range of possibility that under Him, there could be opposition or contradiction between one of His agents and another. It would be inconsistent with His being that one man’s advantage should be brought about at another man’s cost. Where that was apparently the case, it was due to both sides taking the authority into their own hands, and neither sufficiently recognizing Him. If His trusted subordinates in being given a free hand played Him false, they naturally played each other false, and played false to themselves first of all. Where one was afraid of another and strove to outwit him, there was treachery against the supreme command.

Again there was nothing new in this; but to me, it was a new point of view with regard to those with whom and for whom I worked. For the first time, I saw their true relation to me, as mine to them, and something of the principle of brotherhood. Up to this time brotherhood had been a charming, sentimental word to me, and not much more. Children of one Father, yes; but discordant children, with no restraint that I could see on their natural cut-throat enmities.

But here was a truth that made all other men my necessary helpmates, and me the necessary helpmate of all other men. I couldn’t do without them; they couldn’t do without me. Hostility between us was as out of place as between men pulling together on the rope which is to save all their lives. If peril could bring about unity, God could bring it about even more effectively. God was the great positive, the solvent in which irritation and unfriendliness must necessarily melt away.


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