Living with optimism, love and resilience is having a sparkling stream of abundant smiles, strength, vitality and good vibes, joyfully flowing through our hearts, cells and minds.

That sparkling stream may seem out of reach, but it’s not. As humans each one of us possess the ability to live that way. Because optimism is not about having optimal circumstances, looks, resources or opportunities, but about having the desire, will, endurance and self-discipline to optimise everything we do have, control and can develop – our minds, attitudes, skills and energies.

This leads to having the best possible chances at success, no matter what obstacles, challenges, hardships or tests we may face. It guarantees that even when we fail, we’ll be growing in resilience, knowledge and strength with each attempt and, as a bonus, gaining a good sense of humour, toughness and humility in the process. And that is certainly something to smile about.

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