Quick! Make a wish!

Take note! Whatever sprung to mind could be the key to more than what is often considered wishful thinking, being illogical, unrealistic or over-optimistic. We know that not all wishes come true, at least outside of our imaginations.

But what if wishes were more important, telling and realistic than we’ve been conditioned to think? What if wishes could point us to where our most burning passion lies? What if wishes were the fast track to revealing our truest intentions, our deepest desires and highest purpose, and could show us with crystal clarity what is first and foremost on our minds, and who is most fondly treasured in our hearts?

The biggest myths or misconceptions about wishes that we’ve been conditioned to believe, are that they seldom or never come true, and that even if you were ever given wishes guaranteed to come true, you’d be granted at most between one and three of those wishes.

The truth is we can wish as many wishes, and as often as we like. And, we need to wish with love, care, sincerity and a sense of responsibility, because in my experience wishes tend to come true much more often than we think.

And even when they don’t, they always teach us something valuable about ourselves, our values, motivations, intentions and the optimal directions we should venture into on this path of life.

Wishes can point to areas in our lives that need attention, show us our true selves for deeper reflection, and point us in a new, specific and inspired direction. And wishes can do this with a directness and simplicity that leaves no room for doubt, confusion or uncertainty.

Keep regularly wishing, reviewing your wishes for important clues and take them to heart. While they may not always come true (at least not when or how we wish they would), if we heed their wake-up call and follow their direction, we just might find ourselves on a path that leads to making and weaving them into beautiful, new realities. And along the way, find happiness, fulfillment, improved health, our true purpose, new friends and who knows – perhaps a love that never ends…

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