Be The Lion is your handbook for living large and in charge, a guide for connecting with your purpose and achieving outstanding outcomes. Above all, it will help you restructure your daily habits so that you can be the very best version of yourself and enable you to live the life you dream of.

This book explains the 4Cs and teaches processes, strategies and optimizations to turbocharge your life. This system will help you to achieve more, without any of the stress, overwhelm and fear that often comes with big life changes. Taking yourself to the next level and achieving huge success should be joyful. The book is designed to get you taking action on the areas of life that are out of balance so that you may push into the unknown, grow your confidence, and build a strong foundation on which you can place your ambitions, desires and goals.

The 4Cs Framework will help you gain balance across the most important areas of your life, it provides the foundation for living, and once you have achieved success in these 4 areas you can start layering on your goals, vision and dreams. It will be supported as the base is strong, you are strong.

  • Creation – this relates to the life area of taking action
  • Conditioning – this is all about mind and body and the consistent daily action you can take to invest in these areas
  • Certainty – confidence is key to success, there is nothing better than feeling confident
  • Connection – this is your connection to spiritual

To summarize, if you haven’t got the picture yet, this book is for anyone who wants more out of life and is hell-bent on achieving big, outlandish, supersized, colossal levels of success in any area of their life that they chose.

About the Author
Tim Castle is a bestselling author, success coach and speaker. Going through experiences, facing challenges head on and finding a life he could excel in led Tim to develop his own theory for transforming your life, so that you too can continually overcome big challenges in the pursuit a more purpose filled life and make it happen.



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