Aren’t we tired of the glorification of motivation, inspiration and positivity? Sharing quotes and affirmations repeatedly may not always help the one going through challenges. We do not even know what’s going on in people’s lives.

I do understand, we do it out of empathy, clearly with an intent to help and ease the situation, and sometimes we may help too, but also many times we unknowingly cause more discomfort.

We do not even realize sometimes how foolish we can make someone feel, or inadequate, or that they haven’t done enough, or that they aren’t dealing with life and its challenges right.

I know this is a contrary opinion, and hence controversial, but do give it some thought.
Sometimes we got to normalize pain, and peoples’ tiredness, and that society is largely toxic, that people breakdown, that not everyone sees the way we see things, that not everyone’s going through the same kind of pain, and even if they are.. they aren’t wired to take the same pain the same way we take it.

And while I say this, I am nowhere implying that there is no good side to society, or there is no love, or there is no positivity or that we shouldn’t be optimistic.

All I am saying is that we have to accept all sides to people as well as situations and the idea should not always be about fighting the challenges, sometimes just accepting pain is in itself the remedy. Because when we fight to relieve, we give ourselves more pain, even when we are already exhausted. Sometimes we could only be listeners, just being around passively.

Sometimes you want to just be by yourself, making peace with the pain and the challenges that come with it. Sometimes you got to reflect the side of you that’s broken, that wants to perhaps lay low for a while before it finds the best way to deal with it. It is not always about solutions, sometimes giving yourself time works best.

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