You don’t forget the people and places that pained you. Even if you have walked past that pain, even if you’ve forgiven those people, somehow some events revive pain. And you feel defeated in that moment, inadequate at times, sad and broken too. A heaviness weighing on your chest, you be over thinking and reliving those moments, questioning everything that happened- the whys, the hows, the what-ifs.

And then you walk past it again. And thrive and bubble, like nothing happened, you smile and laugh, in a way that people would never imagine you bear a storm within. No matter how strong you are, no matter how well you cope, at some point you want to just give up on everyone else and give yourself the space.

I wish you reflect sooner – give yourself a hearing, understand, and give yourself the love you deserve – the love you give the ones you care for, give yourself too!

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