How much is our life ruled by fate; how much is determined by luck? Fate and luck are two ingredients that makes life interesting. How many of you agree with me? There is a reason for everything that happens in life, and we have to accept it. We hope for luck to be in our favor in everything we do. We can’t fight for fate to be in our favor, because we have no control over it.

There are times we blame our struggles for our fate, but that is not how it is. Our life is shaped according to our karmas in past lives. This is the reality and how life works for all of us, but it is difficult to accept our own mistakes. Challenges lie in everyone’s lives, and people deal with them in their own ways. Some people brawl with great courage, while some others are weak – and being unable to handle their problems – they give up.

I believe that to face, and trying to solve all our troubles, gives us a better chance to enjoy life instead of thinking about our destiny, and waiting for luck to be by our side.

‘Sometimes it takes fate and luck for everything’ is a phrase that is used to assume things that can come true, and make us feel better, and hope for something brighter to enter in our lives. Fate and luck go together because luck gives a new direction to fate and makes our destiny shine as well.

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