Growing indoor plants is one of the best hobbies one can pursue- not only does it give us happiness, but also a lush green look to our home- and a fulfilling feeling that we’re doing something useful to protect our mother nature.

If you are a beginner, you can make good use of videos and journals at first, to learn about the kinds of plants that can be grown indoors. Pothos, Snake plants, ZeeZee plants, Peace Lily, etc. are some popular indoor plants that need shade to grow. Many of them need less care and watering, hence are suitable for beginners. House plants like Geranium Aglaonema and Jade moderately need sunlight- they can be placed near windows to get sunlight, but not under the direct sun.

Once familiar with planting and the techniques, it becomes easier to work on them with creativity. So if you have artistic skills, you could make use of used articles such as plastic bottles as pots for indoor plants.

Growing terrariums is also gaining popularity nowadays. In a terrarium, plants are grown inside a glass container, sealed to create an ecosystem that is self sustaining.

In the present times, especially for people who are confined to their flats, houseplants are refreshing, offering them an opportunity to nurture and care for nature!

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  1. Thanks for sharing about plants and been meaning to grow some in old alcohol bottles. I will check some of the tutorials on You Tube.

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