A ground-breaking book for sustainable, permanent weight loss. Are you exhausted from thinking about your weight all the time? Do you stay on your diet for a while only to find yourself binge eating after a few days? Or are you unhappy with your eating habits and curious about a better way to fuel your body?

If the answer is yes to any of the above, The Don’t-Diet Plan is for you. Say goodbye to fad diets, restrictive eating or other forced behaviours that do not come naturally to you. Weight loss is a journey that must be traversed with patience, over time (just like you gained weight over time). In this book, you will learn how to…

  • lose weight in a sustainable, permanent way
  • stop living in the fear of food
  • make small changes that would lead to big paybacks
  • draw from your ancestors about hearty eating habits

Bestselling author Kavita Devgan offers strategies that she has tried and tested as a practising weight-loss consultant with over thousands of patients. With her practical advice that are easily inculcated, you will be able to make simple lifestyle changes that will lead to a more vibrant, confident and healthier you.

About the Author
Kavita Devgan is an acclaimed nutritionist with 20 years of experience as a weight loss and holistic health consultant. She offers practical, customized programmes that deliver weight loss the right way, through modification of habits, to ensure long-term results. She is also a popular journalist and health columnist and has been writing regularly for premier media groups. While she is an excellent counsellor, her heart lies in propagating right information through her writing. A prolific and feted speaker, Kavita has been giving lectures and conducting workshops about the right way of eating and new research-based health trends for a long time now. Her previously published books are Don’t Diet! 50 Habits of Thin People, Ultimate Grandmother Hacks and most recently, Fix It with Food.



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