There are times we feel broken and get disheartened because we feel we have failed in life. It depresses us that we can’t beat our challenges & failures, making us lose hope and self-confidence. It hurts us when we find it difficult to console ourselves, or to rebuild our self-esteem.

As much as we don’t want to break down, we have little control over the emotions inside us that make us feel this way, and we feel directionless, not having any goals to follow.

I have come up with the expanded form of the word, ‘heartbreak’ that describes what it feels like when you experience it, when you think you want to give up all that you have been hoping for and working on. The emotion is so deep, it brings tears in our eyes especially if our dreams and goals are shattered and there is nothing to look forward to.


H=Holding grudges and feelings inside our heart.

E=Everything we see around seems depressing because we can’t see a brighter tomorrow.

A=Accepting the reality becomes the hardest part when facing a problem.

R=Relationships cease to matter, and yet matter the most during heartbreaks.

T=Tears roll day and night, the only expression that makes us feel better because there is no other way to even deal with it.

B=Blaming self or others for the things that happen.

R=Running away from the world.

E=Eagerly waiting for an outcome, or respite from the major problem.

A=Anxiety at its peak, the stress makes us binge endlessly even when there is no appetite.

K=Keeping everyone away from ourselves for long periods of time.

S=Saddest memory doesn’t fade too soon from our lives.

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  1. Very deep Richa. I hope everyone can pass and become stronger after heartbreaks. It takes time to heal and overcome. But this makes us stronger.

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