Your BEFORE doesn’t disqualify you from the AFTER you deserve.

Even if you’ve changed careers, lost relationships, or found yourself at the bottom of the heap, you can still place yourself in a position to win.

You have what it takes to win in both business and life, if you follow the principles of winning.

Author Paul White has gone from sleeping in his car as he went to one job interview after another to leading some of the most successful automotive organizations in the United States. In Play to Win, Paul shares his most tried-and-true winning principles that made his before-and-after dream a reality.

If you’re tired of working your hardest and getting the same disappointing results, Play to Win can give you a fresh perspective on your potential. The principles laid out will help you step away from the sidelines and onto the winning team. With the motivation and actionable ideas you need to apply these winning principles in your life and business, you can be the winner you were created to be.

About the Author
Paul White is an award winning senior automotive executive president and CEO, Philanthropist, and author of Play To Win: 5 Principles to Succeed in Life and Business.



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