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A disgruntled heap of sadness sprawled across the snow-crested ground, the wind played with your hair, undoing the loose bun you had made of your jet black hair.

There was a twinkle in your eyes despite the sorry state you were in- a smile slowly started making its way on your pink lips, while the tears rolling down froze on their way and your sobbing slowly came to a halt.

A breathtaking sight- you rose slowly like the phoenix rising from ash, shedding the old and unnecessary. Such was your transformation that I lost track of my thoughts and stood there- frozen in awe.

Those two minutes of looking at you were inspiring- reminding me to shed the unnecessary weight I had been carrying. I didn’t realize I was holding my breath, acting like a prop in your great moment of self-discovery, until I exhaled slowly and the tension released my body.

I smiled inwardly, and shook my head. I looked at you, and now you were gathering the folds of your skirts and running, I heard your laugh- a soft melodic sound and as you passed by me, you smiled at me and I smiled back, knowing that this moment would forever remain in some corner of my brain- a happy accident- always reminding me to turn the page when I would have filled the one I’m scrawling on.

Transformations don’t happen if you keep scribbling across the same surface, you always need a new page/canvas!


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