Life is complicated and so are we. We are all faced with situations that offer choices- at times we go with the heart, and at other times we think through the head. We cannot calculate the outcome of our decisions, but we believe that we have based our choice to arrive at the best solution.

At most times we are caught between the head and the heart, because they give us two different responses, even in the same situation. The choices of the heart come from emotions, while the brain works from a place of logic and hence seems more practical. Given the fact that emotions cloud judgment, we should avoid taking a decision from the heart. Easier said than done….right? Because our brain and heart communicate with each other, they are connected in a way- so it is difficult to isolate one from the other, but also, it is rare that the heart and the brain both come in agreement.

So decision making becomes difficult for us at all such times when we can’t figure if our brain is right, or our heart is?! And some decisions must be taken in time. How can we overcome this dilemma, how do we choose between instincts and analysis to make the best choice?

There should be a way to guide us how to handle such situations and make the best choice possible.

Here I would like to share five tips that could help us decide what is right for us to do.

  1. Give thought and time to make choices and decisions.
  2. Think of all options before you decide and commit.
  3. Ask for advice from your loved ones.
  4. Don’t assume that every decision you make will be the best.
  5. Once a decision is made, do not overthink.

It is best not to rush into decision making- to weigh all factors and try not to neglect any- the heart or the head. Because they both ultimately wish well for us and are our guiding light, our companions for life!

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  1. Nicely summarized. The tips will certainly come in handy. However, don’t forget intuition. Sometimes it’s just good to follow your gut feeling.

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