They talked of the wide blue skies,
the infinite stretch of home over their heads,
the blissful sun shining bright,
making their spirits rise.

They walked on the beach side,
each step in the sand filled with delight,
like they could feel heaven under their feet,
oh, the excite.

They watched nature in full bloom,
the winds played with their hair,
brushing past their skin,
they were fully consumed.

They were enchanted by the rhythmic rain,
tiny droplets sparkling over their eyelashes,
gently falling on their cheeks,
kissing all their tears away.

They fancied all the glory and grace,
keeping each other abrace,
watching the moon rise,
waiting eagerly to see stars appear in might.

All the beauty in the world was theirs,
there was no fear of betrays,
in awe, and in contentment,
their eyes met with a gratifying gaze.

They marvelled at their harmony,
their silences and shy smiles,
their peace, even amidst a raging storm,
having each other, they needed no one else to conform.

Was it only an attraction,
or a connection soul to soul?
It didn’t matter to them,
together they felt whole- a happy home!

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