The distorted side of the mind-twisting just about anything, even the truth, to suit our present situation and understanding, the mind is the biggest player within us; be wary- cause when we argue to stand our stance, it smoothly also can justify- with false reasoning and mindful tactics, diluting the best in us, challenging our whole understanding, crippling our value system at times.

It activates that side of our ego which is hollow and baseless and yet we cling to that twisted tale, just to validate ourselves and fight for an identity we’ve made of ourselves in our mind. Because that truth, even if it hits us somewhere, causes discomfort- anticipating a shift in our thinking. And does it need to be said that a change is always discomforting?!

This is how, on some occasions, our mind wins when it really must be managed. Some of our demons can be dangerous, some of these demons can turn into angels with a little vigilance.

It is so rightly said: “The mind can be either your best friend or worst enemy”!

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  1. Truth can be discomforting and even during arguments, we need to have a sense of awareness. “our mind wins when it really must be managed.” How true!

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