We are all struggling in some way or the other. It is tiring to keep looking for a better motive in our lives. We try hard to succeed in our careers, but we lose hope too soon. Struggle is a staircase to success- that is how I feel, because without struggles there are no accomplishments.

Life makes us go through ups and downs, we get discouraged often, not knowing how to deal with them. We keep trying amongst our enormous techniques to understand how and what we are capable of, finding what we love the most. And in doing that every one of us goes through tough challenges and obstacles, trying to find our purpose. Having a purpose is important in life-giving us direction, giving us something to do, making it our dream, for us to achieve it. For some, it could take years to find their purpose. Life is not always easy-going and perfect, with struggles for career or health, or just waiting for the right time to earn a good name, to prosper.

In conclusion, our struggles don’t end until we live. So it is only worthwhile to accept them as a part of our lives, looking at them positively- for there is no great life without attaining our desires, without looking forward to a wonderful future!

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  1. I wish there was a better word for ‘struggling’. Something more positive, as you so aptly describe. Love reading your work Richa!

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