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Who do you think is with you?
Someone you can connect with- at any time…freely.
Someone who will never judge you.
Someone who will completely understand you.
Someone who will accept you for who you are… just the way you are.

Over the years, this is the one question that has taken me forward with people. Narrowing down my circle; there it goes- smaller and smaller, with instances, with experiences.

And it doesn’t hurt anymore, to release people. It only makes my life more worthwhile, more meaningful- the observations, the realisations, the liberation.

I stand at a juncture now where letting people go, freeing them is easier than ever. I think because I am beginning to value myself and my well-being more.

For I am all I have, for I know it’s me who is with me- I am freeing myself. Who do you think is with you?

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  1. So well said. There comes a time when we gotta need to learn go and find value in our relationships, chucking out negativity to elevate towards growth.

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