What comes to your mind when you hear the word, ‘sacrifice’? I am sure you all understand the meaning of this word. I am creating a new definition of this word which will help all my blogger friends to get a new way of acknowledging this word better.

Here is my creation of sacrifice which defines the word itself.

S= Sweet way of showing how to care for others!
A= Always ready to give up happiness for everyone!
C= Concerning to help others brawl their battles!
R= Rescuing when family and friends are in danger, not thinking about their health!
I= Intelligent ways of dealing with giving up what they love the most!
F= Fighting and struggling all through life!
I= Irritating attitude of trying to be happy always!
C= Cannot forget the things which they abandoned!
E= Ending an old chapter of love life to begin a new one!

This is my way of making my blogger friends comprehend a new meaning of the word. A bag full of sacrifices is the title because this bag explains everything that the word signifies, and has an impact on others!

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  1. Lots of people r going thro lots of bad times during the pandemic.. the way u defined (sacraficine) brought tears to my eyes .. thank you richa for your positive writing 💖💖 may god bless you 💛

  2. This is the first time I read a positive definition of the word sacrifice and i absolutely love it.

    Such a great definition

    Wish you all the best richa

  3. Great interpretation of the word SACRIFICE. It’s certainly given me something to think about. Especially letter I.

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