We all experience moments when we can’t breathe, when everything’s so overwhelming, we only freeze. But we also experience moments when the air entering our lungs feels like magic, when the music playing on the radio feels like a sign.

The first type of moments are real, they exist, they linger, the second type is real too; no matter how often each type passes by, we’re not made for one emotion. We weren’t made to be just smart, just loving, just grieving, or even just numb- we were made to be so much more. A complex creature living with its feelings, its powers, and its weaknesses.

If you think about it, like really take a moment to wonder why exactly you’re only highlighting the negatives, I believe you would say “sadness is familiar” and this really terrifies me.
What story, what ending, or what wound was strong enough to make happiness a risk? To make a smile something to fight? Whatever came to your mind, well you might have your reasons to accept the fact that you’re hiding from life, and perhaps you may have more words than this writing, but are they here to make you feel better? Or to prevent you from feeling good in case you had to lose the reason that makes you feel good?

What I’m trying to say is, if you choose to highlight happiness, you’ll find simple things to highlight- it can be as infinite as the colour of the sky, or the light of the moon, it can be free… and so can you!

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