He stayed in my heart,
unknown to me, to tell you the fact,
never felt separated from Him,
our bonding was full to the brim.

I perceived the world through Him, as an indivisible whole,
everything in nature, and all life forms, became one with me as a whole,
when all at once, I couldn’t find Him in me, but outside,
never could make out why so, from within my mind.

Still, He was my friend, philosopher, and guide,
never felt away, He wasn’t too far or wide,
but, surely, I lost that complete oneness within my mind,
pondered over the reasons, but failed to comprehend in time.

I looked for him in temples, churches, and mosques,
created celebrating events with enormous shots,
I could see people in jubilant moods,
singing His glories and propagating His attributes.

But still, I wasn’t comfortable in keeping Him distant,
longed for those days when we maintained no distance,
meditated upon Him calmly,
trying to find Him in me again, with His assistance.

When my mind became calm and clear,
I found a thief hiding in my heart’s rear,
he said I had invited him and placed him there,
that he was my ego, he blared.

Alas, I unknowingly made friends with him,
took a lot of effort to separate, I was needed to skim,
through conscious efforts, I started distancing from him,
until He- my friend, philosopher, and guide, replaced him.

He forever stayed, to never again separate from my heart,
once again I began perceiving the world through Him after this toll,
everything in nature and the life forms became one with me- an indivisible whole!



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