I thought independence was a trait in which you are able to get things done- education and work-wise, but as I live and experience more situations, I realise we’ve been told the wrong definition.

We would all have experienced a relationship, whether with a friend, partner, or a family member where we were too close. They were a part of our day like water and air, we couldn’t imagine a day without them. That attachment grew and grew until one moment when we had to face something alone. Suddenly our world shook, our hearts began to beat faster and our minds stopped. We were depending on someone else’s presence for so long without realising that we couldn’t face life alone.

That’s the thing about love, it’s like an invisible rope that’s tied to you on one end and to them on the other, and the further you walk away the more you can’t breathe. That’s the independence I’m talking about, being able to love without deleting your role in your life, being able to breathe without waiting for someone else’s eyes to meet yours.

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