My memories go back to those days when-

The mother held her baby on her hips,
carried a bowl of food on the other fingertips,
singing melodies of Nature and Divinity through her lips,
pointing the full moon to the child using all her tricks.

The fireflies enjoyed the blissful bonding of the mother and child,
came out in large numbers not to be left behind,
they flickered their lights and flew round and round,
telling the child that nature is immensely beautiful abound.

The fireflies said to the mother not to leave this tradition,
handed down from generation to generation,
the imagination of children develop from this creation,
keeping their thoughts in tune with Nature in their life situations.

Alas, a time may come, when we, the fireflies, may not be there,
mothers may get busy with television, or some reality shows somewhere,
insisting their young ones eat from the plate kept in the rear,
leaving the moon lonely, up there, in despair!

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