Have you ever been on an adventurous trip or any such ride in your whole life? What were the emotions you experienced if you ever been at an altitude in the sky-high up, like a star?

It gets exciting in those risky moments when we take thrilling rollercoaster rides. Imagine yourself hanging in the air with all your hair flying like a jet- that moment is just so unbelievable.

We think that as grownups we are equipped to take on these daring experiences, but it is not like that. We love such venturing rides only because they take us back to our childhood times, even if they scare us.

They also make us stronger, and let our fears out too. They teach us life lessons, making our minds fearless, so we tackle all our problems with a positive attitude.

These trips are wonderful, creating emotions that make us happy. When we go high on a parachute or a hot air balloon, we feel we are out of this world. The gentle breeze on our faces, running through our hair makes us feel elated. And when we take speedy rides, they thrill us with emotions, so more beautiful, so unique, also making us feel powerful at accelerated speeds even as they might scare us.

I suggest if you haven’t ever been out on any such ride, you must- at least once in your lifetime. Because then you know the value of life, and how to face real problems in life. Let this experience show you how to treat life, make you courageous and stronger than ever before..

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  1. Cant wait to travel and experience new adventures after this pandemic is over. The way we view things changed drastically and to me I’m looking forward to try and face my fear with such adventures.

  2. Totally agree !..I’m the type of person who is scared of heights and I tried something similar like hiking ones before.. I was so scared I felt like someone is going to push me .. but I completed this hiking experience that day and it’s true to experience a different energy that I never felt before.. it was satisfying yet I was so scared but when the hiking ended I didn’t regret the experience..I hope to get more courageous and try something I consider daring once more.

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