Yes, it can happen, and it has been so.
It takes only a few seconds to realize how misplaced and frivolous it is to establish complete love and affection for someone- a close family member, or even a few members, whom you consider your own. Only a few words from that person are enough to blunt your feelings, more when they do not rate you as much as you are worth. Maybe you could not have sensed the impact soon into the association, and perhaps after a while, you might even forget. But after forty years in proximity, if such an incident occurs, you cannot slip it by the way. No matter how mature you are, depressing thoughts would constantly haunt you.

Four decades in proximity, blunted in four seconds. On reflection, I believe the purity of the heart of the person who loved someone wholeheartedly remains intact. Can one blame the situation on the other person or adverse time factor, as one may call it? I have no answer. Instead, I think one should take this development in its stride and take it as a lesson learned. Brooding over it constantly can only spoil health.

Each person is a loner in the true sense. I did not come to this world along with others. I should learn to accept the reality of life, and attach myself to clear thinking, meditate on the Supreme Truth, who alone is with me, was with me, and will always be. Alas, I did not have such wisdom earlier. Yes, this is life, after all. Better learn the lesson, maybe late, and move ahead with time without analyzing the rights and the wrongs!

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