We hear everyone say, “Life is simple, it is us who makes it complicated”. Everyone realises, yet everyone complicates it.
How many people have you forgiven- the ones who never apologised?
How many people have you forgotten- the ones that left, who never waved goodbyes?
How many people have you helped- the ones who never asked for any?
How many people have you stepped out of the way for- the ones that can do nothing for you?
How many people have you apologised to- the ones you have hurt?
How much do you withhold?
Do you care to explain?
Do you even express?
Do you ask questions?
When you feel crushed inside, do you say it? Or do you smile outside?
Do you openly cry?

I suppose, most of us don’t. As we grow, we trap ourselves in our own cages(for many reasons, of course). But if we want to live a simple life, we must free ourselves from blockages, and others from our expectations and judgements.

Freedom comes from freeing. Freeing others is freeing self. At first, make your own life simple, or at least uncomplicate it; and watch the world fall in place. Eventually, your life would be simple too.

Do it- for “Going back to a simpler life is not a step backward.” ~ Yvon Chouinard

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