Hope is the biggest medicine that helps heal everything in life- a life that is full of troubles and sorrows. Once we lose hope, everything gets shattered like broken glass making it difficult to stand up again. So when life doesn’t give us opportunities, we should seek our possibilities- even if it means seeking help to sail through our situation. Seeking help needs courage though, but is every bit worth, ’cause it enables us to thrive and flourish. And that makes way for a more fulfilling present- enjoy every moment than thinking about the things ahead. Time doesn’t stop for anyone, so we should try to spend it wisely on something that adds value.

Many people hide their problems, ’cause they think no one tries to understand them. Their own reservations make their lives suffocating. They have no hope, and having given up, they are unwilling to even ask for support and help. Some of them leave it to God, believing that one day He will make things alright. We need to identify these people in our lives and instill in them, positivity and hope, ’cause hope is like a lamp that lights up lives- and if this lamp is blown out, all our desires and positivity are destroyed. Life is like a searchlight that is hard to flash out every time.

As Nelson Mandela said,

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”


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  1. Well said ..So true … hope is the main reason we keep on going and trying.. if someone seeks help and find that the person they are seeking help from are not giving them hope or closing doors and spread negativity if the person couldn’t understand you ..the moment a person realizes that these people are not helping and making the issue even worse they need to walk away from them immediately and not take what they said seriously.. because there are people out there that understands and when you finally find them the person will finally find healing and emotional support which brings huge amount of hope, strength and positivity .. love the article and I believe that there is no person in life can’t relate to it cause it is a human nature that everyone go through as part of life ..thank you for this beautiful article that reminds us to keep on going and never lose hope and search for it even in the hardest days because as you stated that it’s always there somewhere.

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