Have you ever felt while watching an old funny movie, that it doesn’t seem so funny any more?
The same things you did earlier don’t please you as much, when you do them now.
The things you ate, you don’t relish them as much now.
The places you longed to visit don’t really excite you any longer.
That song you so loved, doesn’t hit the chord any more.

But all of it still charms you- you hold it close to your heart.

You wonder why…

“Those were the days”, we smile with a spark even as we recollect the past. What was there then, that we yearn for now? Perhaps those people, the sentiments attached with them. The moments that make memories, the people who play a part in them, are all about that time- that past period.

No matter how many new friends you make, how much you evolve in life, how much more you possess, or how much smoother and more comfortable your life might seem, there is nothing that gives you the warmth and belongingness of old connections- people, places, things. All the simplicity and enthusiasm seems to have faded over the years. Time, moments, memories…are just so magical.

Strangely even when I do not enjoy some of those silly things, or even when I do not have the wavelength with some of those people, I still do engage with them- just to evoke nostalgia…just to revisit old glory. I see myself light up for some moments from the monotony of the present robotic life.

For I am what I am ’cause they were what they were. They are my roots, so they’re precious- for they have shaped me. My memories charge me. They are my treasures. I will never forget!



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  1. Absolute our roots and identity are things that we can ner do away and make us who we are. The past nostalgia and the blissful years make us who we are.

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